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With the acquisition of rights to reproduce the work, in addition to the original exemplar, you can get a high-level business.

The methodology of realization involves printing of copies in a limited number on high-quality paper, with fine execution, numbered and signed by the author, in order to obtain a product of high collectible value.

The level of business is subject to the sales price of each copy, so you can get a gain estimated at millions of dollars. This involves an adequate planning of the distribution work and associated advertising. The "amanuensis press" is available to provide advice on various options for investment to get the best result.


Is being built a book of short stories taken from the collection of arabic stories entitled "Arabian Nights" by Richard F. Burton, the first edition of 1885. Those interested can apply pre-emption on whether to purchase the finished work.

Also note that our laboratory is available to produce books, executed entirely by hand, highly professional crafted, of any guarantee provided and commissioned at the request of the customer.