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book art amanuensis Dante Alighieri BoccaccioA work of great value is near completion. It's a unique piece of art, created for the consumption of refined collector who loves to have in his library a work of anĀ absolute and unique artistic level. The book took more than three years of work, from design sketches for the decorations, to final drawings on paper of fine quality. The printing of the characters of the text was made by one of the most quoted and now rare workshops specialized in monotype printing.

The binding of the volume will be in natural leather processed and handcrafted as it was used anciently.

In addition to the decorations are inserted on drawing pictures of two faces: that of the great poet Dante Alighieri and the author of his biography, Giovanni Boccaccio.

Each page is introduced by an alphabetical letter, with miniated decorations in gold, so, reading the letters in the sequence of each page, you can locate the title and signature of its author.

The binding, made from genuine leather, consists of pure gold decorations made by hand, and creases in relief.

The volume is a single copy in the world, there are no other copies, and never will be made identical duplicates, thanks to copyright protection and the express will of the author. Accordingly, its value and its value are exceptional and rare uniqueness.

The book consists of 75 pages, each of which was drawn by hand and decorated with color and indelible entries in 24 carat gold leaf.